Here’s Why You Can’t And Shouldn’t Cut Down Excessively on Salt Intake

It’s quite common that people decide to reduce the intake of salt in their diet because most of the health magazines and health-related websites these days don’t get tired of explaining how too much salt is not great for our body. However, what we must keep in mind is that there is a huge difference between cutting down on salt and doing away with it entirely from our diet. The reason is simple: consuming too little salt is just as bad as consuming too much of it.

If you want to control your blood pressure, you need the right amount of sodium in your body. Consuming very little sugar will cause low blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack and other problems.

Below are some of the most crucial reasons why you should increase your salt intake:

Risk of increased insulin resistance in the body:

If your salt intake is dangerously low, you risk increasing the insulin resistance of your body. This is most likely to happen when all the cells in the body respond to signals from insulin. This, in turn, leads to an increase in sugar which can give rise to Type 2 diabetes.

Danger to diabetic patients:

If a patient, who suffers from diabetes, does not consume the right amount of salt, he may be exposing himself/herself to the risk of heart attack and stroke. Doctors say that consuming less amounts of salt can be dangerous for patients of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Body fatigue and lethargy:

Lethargy and fatigue tend to remain in the body if you eat less salt than the required amount. This increases lethargy and the person finds it difficult to store energy and direct it fruitfully.