Hard Knocks will undergo some sort of change

The announcement involving the future of Hard Knocks apparently won’t involve euthanasia.

The show will continue to live, but some sort of change is coming. NFL Films has posted a tweet that says “Hard Knocks has left Dallas. Thursday night, find out where it’s headed next and when.”

The announcement will come during halftime of the Giants-Washington game.

This means, possibly, that Hard Knocks will become an in-season product, like the now-defunct All or Nothing series from Amazon. It also could mean that it’s changing networks, from HBO to another platform. (The HBO logo in the NFL Films video would suggest otherwise.)

It’s highly unlikely that the NFL already is announcing the 2022 Hard Knocks team, unless one of the league’s franchise has decided to already commit to serving as the preseason guinea pig.

Our guess is that it’s becoming an in-season experience. Which could be more compelling that a training-camp-only endeavor. All or Nothing was very good. It went away during COVID and it apparently isn’t coming back.